Take out credit – What to look for

This also applies to you if you want to take out a loan. What should you consider when comparing? Rather, it is necessary to know in advance what to look for when searching. When asked “Which loan is right for me? We’ll show you how it works and what you have to watch out for here.

Borrowing: what to look for?

Borrowing: what to look for?

If you want to make a bigger purchase or are surprisingly in a financial emergency, you often need to take out a loan. But credit is not the same as credit. Therefore, it is particularly valuable to pay attention to every little detail when choosing a loan. The boom in the German economy and the phase of low interest rates motivate several thousand German consumers to take out loans every year.

The granting of installment loans is also worthwhile for credit institutions. For this reason, debtors with strong credit ratings rely on a large selection of offers. However, interested parties should always look at the change. Special promotions are often linked to special credits, which are often only advertised in the advertising industry. Those who want to take out a loan online are well advised to check the conditions of the individual service providers in advance.

The comparison only makes sense if the loan offers are viewed with the same rates. In addition to the loan amount and the due dates, information about the monthly repayment rate and the due dates must always be treated equally. This interest includes the nominal interest, the processing fee, discounts and deductions, commissions and any insurance.

A low effective interest rate reduces the loan amount. Therefore, this interest rate is crucial for choosing a loan. Those who cannot pay the tranches in the long run are creating new financial problems too quickly. A loan without processing fee is conceivable for the loan with processing costs. It is also useful to draw up a financial plan before borrowing that regulates the cost of the loan in the event of illness or job loss.

It should be further examined whether potential debtors prefer a loan, in particular from a direct or branch office. Loans free from Credit Bureau should be handled with care. Such loan offers are usually associated with high or rapidly rising interest rates. Those who choose their loans carefully and pay attention to these details will certainly not get caught in the creditworthiness trap.

Borrowing – what to look out for

What needs to be considered when borrowing to be on the safe side? Especially at a time when interest rates are very low, consumers are more often tempted to take out a loan: many offers make it difficult to see what is on them and it is not always what is on them So there are a couple of points you should pay attention to to make sure you get the loan without taking any risk. to have.

If you are not quite sure which loan is suitable for you or if there are other concerns, a phone call or the direct route to the house bank to find out is usually helpful. So that you can get a precise idea of ​​the house bank where you want to apply for a loan, evaluations and other literature references are helpful, which can also be found in web forums and evaluation portals: test stickers such as the TÜV are of course a clear indication of a respectable provider.

Cheap loans are very tempting, but you should still be careful not to forego covert spending. Comparisons can be very useful here, for example on www.mein-kredit.net you can make a loan comparison. Of course, the way to the house bank is also an aid. Providers without a correct print with missing information such as e-mail address or address should be avoided because you do not know who is behind them, good providers can be reached via a free telephone number.

Instant credit with immediate payment

Time has become faster. Consumer behavior has also changed. Today it is more than ever about consumption. If there is no money, it is easy for consumers today to take out a loan.

For consumers who are in a hurry, the banks advertise with an instant loan with immediate payment. They promise immediate processing and immediate payment of the loan amount. Thanks to the Internet, this is not a problem. But what is it about these advertising promises? Is there an instant credit with immediate payment and what does that bring to the customer. We investigated the question and did the research for you.

The advantages for the borrower with an instant loan with immediate payment

It is very important to the loan seeker to process his request promptly, approve it and then pay it off. Consumers who need an instant loan should contact a direct bank. Loans, which are now standardized banking products, are processed automatically here. This means that if the creditworthiness is adequate, the loan applicant can actually expect his requests to be processed and approved within a few minutes.

In order to take out the cheapest possible instant loan, it makes sense to do a free loan comparison in advance. The lower the interest rate, the cheaper the loan is in terms of costs. For consumers who want to save money when making debts, the free credit comparison is actually indispensable today. The bank of your choice can be clicked directly from the loan comparison and an application completed, which in turn is sent with a click of the mouse.

When filling out a loan application, loan applicants should work carefully so that all information is truthful. Every commitment is preliminary. It applies subject to the examination of the documents. If you state gross earnings instead of net earnings on income, you can have problems with the immediate loan payment with immediate payment. The loan is only paid out if all the information is correct and the consumer submits the requested evidence.

Thanks to the automatic processing at banks, consumers with the best creditworthiness have the chance today that their application will also be processed and approved on Sundays and public holidays. Only the payment is not so quick. An online instant credit requires the use of the Post Ident procedure. To do this, a branch of the Post Office must be open, which is known not to be the case on weekends and public holidays. In this respect, the instant credit and instant online payment is not as easy as the advertising suggests. Instant loan yes – immediate disbursement rather no.

Apply for an instant loan with immediate payment

If you apply for an instant loan with immediate payment, you should assume that the credit request will be processed immediately and that the credit will be approved immediately if it has the appropriate credit rating. Theoretically, immediate disbursement would only be possible if the customer could be in the bank on site to accept the loan in the form of cash. This is usually not the case. The immediate payment means that the loan is paid out immediately after the contract documents have been received and checked. Until then, a time is always assigned.

If you really need money quickly, you should use your disposition loan or apply for one. The desired credit can be paid out immediately as part of the overdraft facility.

If the loan is applied for online from a direct bank, it takes about seven banking days, i.e. a good week, from approval to payment of the loan amount. This is quite quick for editing. It is probably a little faster at a branch bank, but the fastest way is if it is the house bank. In the branch, the customer can legitimize himself and the post delivery times that extend the process are completely eliminated.

Credit despite sick pay

If an employee receives sick pay, it can be assumed that he has a serious illness. Sickness benefit is paid after six weeks of illness as continued wages. Many workers do not know what to do after their illness. Can he work again, is there unemployment or even Hartz IV? Questions that can gnaw on a sick person.

In the past, employees were protected against dismissal during a sickness certificate, but today the employee can dismiss the employee. This gives rise to fears of existence that often end in depression. In addition, many workers also have difficulties with their finances. A loan would have to be applied for, important purchases are in the house. But does the bank grant a loan despite sick pay?

The loan despite sick pay – the situation

The loan despite sick pay - the situation

Employees have less income while receiving sick pay. The professional situation has also become uncertain. Will the employee keep me busy? Can I still work? These are questions that can already strain an employee. In addition, there is the financially tense situation because sickness benefits are lower than the previous wages.

Banks are very reluctant to take out a loan despite sick pay. After all, neither the customer nor the bank knows how the customer’s financial situation will develop. Does he get unemployed or in Hartz IV? The situation is different for civil servants or civil servants. This occupational group receives their income longer before sick pay is paid. There is also no prospect of dismissal, the job is secure, the employee cannot be dismissed. This means that this clientele has a good chance of getting a loan despite sick pay.

But even the employee who does not work in the privileged professions has the prospect of a loan despite sick pay. If he knows that the service can be resumed after the end of the illness, the bank will agree to a loan despite sick pay. This would be the case, for example, if the employee had broken a bone. There is no telling when it will heal.

But there are diseases where the end is open, where the employee does not know how to proceed. Does the disability pension come from which no one can live or unemployment? This naturally reduces a customer’s creditworthiness and the bank rigorously refuses the loan despite sick pay. However, it does not intervene in loans that are still in progress if the employee pays the installments correctly.

The way out

The way out

The bank will refuse the loan in spite of sickness benefit under the given circumstances, unless the customer is satisfied with the overdraft facility that the banks provide their solvent customers. If a overdraft facility has already been set up, the bank could expand it. It can often be used to pay for the most urgent things.

However, the overdraft facility also has a catch, because on the one hand it is an expensive loan and on the other hand it should only be used for short-term use. If the employee could work again after his illness, the overdraft facility is not a problem because he could be rescheduled into an installment loan. If this is not the case, however, the income remains reduced, the overdraft facility can become a debt trap.

The employee should consider that interest is drawn on each quarter to use the overdraft facility. If nothing is returned, the amount will add up properly. If it then comes to the point that the banks no longer carry out transfers because the account is not funded and return debits arrive, then the employee has an urgent problem.
Therefore, the use of the scheduling should also be carefully planned.

The loan despite sick pay could be realized if the employee can name a second applicant or a guarantor. Both persons must be solvent, that means a sufficient income and a clean Credit Bureau.If a guarantor is found, it should be fully informed about the guarantee. For example, that the guarantee is a big risk. That the guarantee can possibly ruin him financially.

The second applicant must also be solvent; from the outset he has the same status as the borrower. Specifically, if the employee can no longer pay, the bank immediately turns to the second applicant. In most cases, a guarantor is only used when the borrower has gone through all legal instances up to enforcement. This type of loan should only be used if it is certain that work can be resumed after the illness and if there is absolute trust between the two borrowers.

The alternatives

The alternatives

The employee with his limited credit rating could, under other circumstances, receive a Credit Bureau-free loan from abroad. These banks do not query Credit Bureau, but there must be a minimum income. For a single person this is at least 1,100 dollars. The income must show an attachable portion. Permanent employment is also required. Proof is provided with a copy of the employment contract.

Since these banks also request bank statements, the bank will see that sick pay is being drawn. However, the foreign banks do not accept this, the loan despite sick pay is also rejected here. The reason that sickness benefit cannot be attached. Unemployed people also do not receive this loan, and unemployment benefits cannot be attached.

Those who receive sick pay still have financial worries about their illness. A small loan can often be taken out from relatives or acquaintances. If the employee is lucky, a written loan agreement should be drawn up.

There are portals on the Internet that offer loans to employees. There are two known ones, Fine Bank and Across Lender. There, the employee can create a profile and submit his credit request. Private investors do not see the conditions for a loan as narrow, but still insist on certain conditions. For example, the Credit Bureau must be clean. The interest rate level will also be higher.

If you see no other option, you can register there and confidently present your loan request. However, the employee has to bring time until lenders agree to commit to a loan.
There must also be no enforcement notices, reminders or disclosure notices, which is also a credit exclusion for private investors.

Instant credit – How to apply

f the instant loan is to be free of Credit Bureau, loan seekers cannot avoid a credit agency and foreign banks. Banks in Switzerland “invented” the Credit Bureau-free loan especially for German loan seekers. The Credit Bureau and the information stored in the information were irrelevant for the Swiss banks when lending. According to our information, today it is the case that Swiss banks do not have a license to grant Credit Bureau-free loans to German consumers. BaFin intervened in connection with the financial crisis and prohibited Swiss providers from granting loans to German consumers. Anyone who wants the instant credit free of complications can get their credit today from Fine Bank in Liechtenstein. It is the only bank with a license.

The Credit Bureau-free credit popular with German consumers opens up the possibility for loan seekers with poor Credit Bureau to take out a small loan despite the bad Credit Bureau. However, always on the condition that they are able to prove a correspondingly high income from a permanent position. In addition, an instant loan without Credit Bureau is also interesting for consumers whose overall creditworthiness is beyond any doubt, but who want to take out a small loan that no other bank should learn about.

A negative Credit Bureau entry, no matter how negative it is, does not play a role in the instant Credit Bureau-free loan. Nevertheless, consumers who are interested in an instant loan without Credit Bureau must prove their creditworthiness to Fine Bank. Since the Credit Bureau-free loans are small loans, it is usually sufficient for loan seekers to provide permanent employment with attachable income that has been in place for at least a year. Without attachable income and without permanent employment there is no chance of getting an instant loan free of Credit Bureau. The bank is tough in its decisions.

The Credit Bureau information is not important

The Credit Bureau information is not important

While with banks in Germany both Credit Bureau customer information and their net income are important for lending, Swiss banks have sufficient attachable income as proof of creditworthiness. In addition, the chances of getting a loan increase if applicants prove permanent employment or if they enjoy civil service status in Germany.

Higher risk – higher interest rates

Higher risk - higher interest rates

If a Credit Bureau-free loan is to be taken out, the classic route leads the consumer first to a credit broker. Loans of this type are therefore also more expensive. On the one hand, an instant loan without Credit Bureau has a higher effective interest rate than a comparable loan from German banks. The Swiss banks are compensated for the higher credit default risk through higher interest rates. Interest rates beyond the ten percent mark are the norm. On the other hand, the customer has to pay a commission in the end if the loan is successfully brokered. The credit intermediary transfers the commission completely to the monthly installments, so that the borrower does not incur any additional costs in advance.

Who is a Credit Bureau-free loan suitable for?

Who is a Credit Bureau-free loan suitable for?

Many German consumers are of the opinion that Credit Bureau-free loans are only of interest to people with poor Credit Bureau who therefore do not get any credit from German banks. But it is far from that. There are several important reasons why a credit without Credit Bureau can be the first choice for customers with the best credit rating. If, for example, your Credit Bureau information is to remain immaculately clean in the future, because real estate financing or an official loan is planned, the Credit Bureau-free loan can be the perfect solution. The Credit Bureau is not only queried in advance for the loan without Credit Bureau. The current loan will not be reported to Credit Bureau later. In this way, the Credit Bureau remains clean despite ongoing small loans, so that larger loan projects can be realized in the future without any problems.

Loans: Find and secure top interest rates now!

What is a loan?

What is a loan?

A loan is by definition a money loan. The money can be lent to you by a private individual or a professional financial service provider. If you borrow money from the bank, it is usually either a construction loan or a classic installment loan or installment loan. As a borrower (other name: debtor), you repay the borrowed amount to the bank as lender (creditor) month after month over a previously agreed period. This repayment is called repayment.

However, you not only repay the borrowed amount, but pay plus loan interest. Interest is the “loan fee” for capital and ultimately the basis on which banks operate. There are various loans with varying terms and interest rates. You can get an overview of the current interest rates on the market via our mortgage comparison or our installment loan comparison.

Good to know: loan or credit – what’s the difference?

The terms credit and loan are mostly used interchangeably in everyday life, although the German Civil Code (BGB) uses credit as a generic term for all bonds, including non-monetary ones (§ 488 I BGB). A loan, on the other hand, by definition only describes the loaning of money.

What types of loans are there?

What types of loans are there?

The term loan brings together numerous different loans for every project and every life and financial situation. There are loans for certain sections of the population, such as pensioners and the self-employed, and loans for certain financing projects. There are also differences in how quickly a particular loan is available and whether you need a positive Credit Bureau entry for it or not. We have summarized the most important loan types for you in a quick overview.

Overview of common loan types:

  • Installment loan: The installment loan is the name for the classic form of consumer loan. It is often used to finance furniture, consumer electronics or vacation trips. You will repay the loan amount received monthly over an agreed period plus interest.
  • Car Loan: The most common form of installment loan is car loan. They are used to purchase a new or used vehicle (car, motorcycle, camper), which in turn counts as security. As a result, interest rates are somewhat lower. This cheap loan may not be used for anything else.
  • Immediate loan: Only direct banks issue an instant loan. After the online application, the money is available within 1-2 bank working days.
  • Small loan: A small loan includes lower loan amounts of $ 1,000 to $ 5,000.
  • Personal loan / P2P loans: A personal loan can be given Credit Bureau-free by a private person or by a credit intermediary.
  • Overdraft facility: An overdraft facility is an optional part of the checking account and is effective if the account is overdrawn with high interest rates.
  • Framework credit: A framework credit is a mixture of overdraft facility and installment loan. It provides a certain amount of disposal, but at a lower price than the overdraft interest.
  • Student loan: Like a senior loan, a student loan is a loan for certain groups of the population who find it more difficult to obtain a normal installment loan.
  • 3-way financing: With 3-way financing, you pay a certain amount, for example for a car, which is followed by a phase of payment in installments and at the end of the payment of a final installment.
  • Civil servant loan: A civil servant loan is reserved for civil servants, professional soldiers or civil servants who benefit from low interest rates.
  • 0 percent financing: More and more retailers are offering their 0 percent financing to their customers who want to finance a product. The motto is: buy now, pay later. The contractual partner of such financing is the retailer’s partner bank. For a limited period, you will pay no or very low interest on such a loan.
  • Annuity loan: This is a classic building loan, i.e. a loan for the construction, purchase or modernization of a property. As a rule, you do not pay such a loan back in full like an installment loan within the term of the contract;
  • Forward loan: With a forward loan you can secure the currently low building interest up to 60 months in advance. This is worth it if you want to finally follow up on your real estate loan.

Which loan is right for my project?

Which loan is right for my project?

Which loan is right for you depends largely on what you need the money for. There are basically two types of loans:

  • the free installment loan and
  • the earmarked loan.

With a free installment loan, the loan amount is at your free disposal. Whether you want to spend the money on a car, new furniture, a holiday trip or everything together is entirely up to you. You are in no way accountable to the bank.

In contrast, banks grant special-purpose loans that can only be used for a specific financing goal. Well-known examples of this are, for example, the car loan for the purchase of a used or new car as well as construction finance, i.e. the loan for real estate.

Why should I always state the purpose of the loan when possible?

Banks usually offer purpose-linked loans at significantly lower interest rates than free installment loans. There is a simple reason for this: the bank can use the product, the car or the house that you buy with their money as security.

There are many loans with earmarkings in the real estate sector, such as the home loan or the modernization loan. On the one hand, homeowners often need a loan because the new kitchen, bathroom or modernization measure is usually associated with high financial expenditure. On the other hand, real estate guarantees banks a very high level of security. Home-borrowers generally always have good credit ratings, which banks reward with good interest rates.

If you take out a loan, you benefit from good conditions if you are specifically looking for loans for your project.

Which loan is suitable for which project?

The following table gives you an overview of the most common types of loan with and without earmarking and for which financing goal they are suitable.

Loans by purpose

  Usage For whom
Car loan Acquisition of a new or used vehicle (motorcycle, car, camper) Private and business people
Modernization loan Refurbishment, repair or remodeling of a property that maintain or increase the house value (e.g. energy renovation, new heating system, new roof, window …) Property owner
Debt rescheduling Settling a loan (e.g. overdraft facility) with the help of a new, cheaper loan Private and business people
Housing loan new furnishings or modernization of residential property (usually freely available in the living context) Property owner
Loan for a property Construction, purchase or modernization of one’s own property; in contrast to modernization and housing loans also for six-figure sums Property owner
Free installment loan no earmarking, free availability Private and business people

Our advice: You can always get a dedicated loan on better terms than a free installment loan. With a free installment loan, you can make several purchases from different areas – for the new kitchen, for example, a few electrical appliances and a nice dinner service. If in doubt, there is no point in choosing a cheap, purpose-built loan if you then have to finance the rest of the purchases with an expensive overdraft facility!

How do I find a cheap loan?

How do I find a cheap loan?

The lower the interest rate, the cheaper the loan. The amount of interest depends on several factors:

  • the interest rate market
  • the selected loan amount
  • the amount of the installment and the agreed term.

You can influence the amount of the loan as well as the installment amount and length of the term. Basically, the shorter the term, the lower the interest rate. Because with each month that it takes you longer to repay the capital, the risk increases that the bank could become insolvent as a borrower. For example through illness or unemployment.

Conversely, this means that the longer the term, the higher the interest rate, but the lower the monthly installments. So the question you have to ask yourself is: How much money can I pay back each month without overpaying financially?

Below we explain how to calculate your loan so that it fits your budget and project and where you can then find the best offer for your loan.

The Loan Calculator: How Much Loan Can I Afford?

With our loan calculator you can go through various loan variants. See at a glance how the conditions change when you change individual components of the credit request. To do this, the loan calculator offers you the option of adjusting the parameters that matter, using sliders. This is how you get a loan that fits your budget and your project.

The parameters are:

  • Loan amount
  • Term and
  • Installment amount.

In addition, the loan calculator shows you how much the loan will cost you in total, i.e. including interest and loan costs.

Loan comparison: where can I find a cheap loan?

Loan comparison: where can I find a cheap loan?

If you would prefer to see several providers and their conditions in a direct comparison, we recommend our installment loan comparison.

Enter the desired loan amount, the term and, if desired, the purpose of the loan in the search mask. The comparison already lists the current offers of several direct and branch banks for you. The offer with the cheapest loan interest is at the top. With one click, we will redirect you to a form with which you can obtain a first non-binding offer from the respective bank without bureaucratic effort. If you decide on the loan, the further processing takes place between you and the bank.

Tip: Beware of terminology! Banks use the term of the loan to denote the period in which a loan has to be repaid. However, the same interest does not always apply over the entire term. Therefore, check in each individual case whether it is a loan with a loan term that corresponds to the fixed interest period and the interest is therefore fixed over the entire period.

FAQ: Important questions about the loan

FAQ: Important questions about the loan

  • How can I withdraw a loan?

    You can withdraw a loan up to 14 days after conclusion of the contract according to the applicable consumer protection law. The revocation can be made without justification, even if in writing. We recommend the registered mail.

    However, all loans that are not considered consumer loans are exempt from the revocation. These are

    • Small loans up to $ 200 or those with a max. 3 months term (e.g. some dealer credit)
    • Employer loans as a benefit within the employment contract
    • Pawn loans
    • some cheap promotional loans from housing and training
  • How long should I choose the term of my loan?

    Your loan has the right term when you can afford the monthly installments. To find out how much you can handle the monthly charge, we advise you to keep a budget book first. Compare your income with all expenses from rent to monthly tickets to the library’s annual accounts. The amount that remains is the maximum of your monthly installments.

  • Does every loan affect my Credit Bureau score?

    No. Only your payment history has an impact on the Credit Bureau score. If you pay your credit installments on time every month and your payment behavior is not negative for companies to which you owe money, the information does not change. It only worsens if you pay negligently or not at all. Credit Bureau itself advises the following behavior: Pay bills on time and pay reminders immediately, do not exceed credit lines, always repay debts in full. However, you should also be careful not to make several loan requests at the same time or in quick succession.

  • Can I get a loan despite bad Credit Bureau?

    You cannot avoid a credit check when granting credit. If this turns out negative, you have bad cards at the bank. In such a case, you can switch to a personal loan or P2P loan. Such Credit Bureau-free loans are provided by credit brokerage portals, which are, however, expensive to pay for the high risk of default. Credit Bureau itself warns of such intermediaries.

What are the difficulties of a loan despite the enforcement order

An enforcement order will be carried out if all dunning procedures have failed. A claim does not become statute-barred through an enforcement order, the creditor can still claim it years later. If the debtor ignores all reminders, the creditor can initiate enforcement. Briefly explained first comes the order for payment then the order for enforcement. With an enforcement notice, for example, the wages or other values ​​can be attached. In addition, an enforcement order is entered in the customer’s Credit Bureau, which causes considerable difficulties with a loan despite the enforcement order.

The loan despite the enforcement order – the prospects

The loan despite the enforcement order - the prospects

In principle, when taking out a loan, you should have a good credit rating, which is made up of a sufficiently high and regular income and an impeccable Credit Bureau. Banks in Germany have strict requirements. Credit Bureau has saved the enforcement order as a hard feature, which makes it difficult to obtain a loan despite the enforcement order. Because the bad Credit Bureau tells the bank that the loan seeker has not met his payment obligations until it has been enforced. If the wage is also attached to an enforcement notice, the customer must still receive an attachment-free amount.

It is calculated from the marital status and the number of children. If the customer does not earn that much, the garnishment exemption limit can be such that no garnishment can be carried out. If such a case occurs, the creditor can request an affidavit, previously an oath of disclosure. Then the customer has to disclose his assets. An enforcement order is valid for 30 years, as long as the creditor can keep trying to get his money. A difficult situation, considering that there are still children in the household.

Under certain circumstances, a loan could be obtained with a solvent guarantor despite an enforcement order. However, the extent to which the bank is obliged to report client assets to creditors remains to be seen. Anyone who includes a guarantor in his desolate situation is not acting responsibly. The enforcement order and the often subsequent affidavit made the customer insolvent and not creditworthy. A loan should be paid despite the enforcement order and if the situation is so bad before the loan is taken out, a guarantor should not step in.

The bank would then have to inform a guarantor of this. The other version of a guarantee would be if parents vouch for their child. You would then give him the chance to get back on his feet. If a loan default then occurred, they could pay the loan, provided their financial situation allowed it. But be that as it is, a bank has to be found that will approve a loan despite the enforcement order.

The loan from abroad

The loan from abroad

You don’t want to demonize these people, many have got into such a situation through no fault of their own. It is not just the people who buy everything together and think of the deluge after me. They are serious people who have played a bad trick on life. It remains to be seen how such a situation can arise. Such a customer only needs to have guaranteed someone once and the debtor has not paid. The guarantor’s assets have not been properly assessed and he cannot pay the loan. An enforcement order would then mean the ruin of a person.

For a loan seeker who is looking for a loan despite an enforcement order, this may mean that he can no longer participate in normal payments. Many banks then also terminate the account, the customer has to transfer everything in cash, which then entails additional costs. There is still no legal regulation that a bank must set up a credit account for its customers. Even debtors have to pay bills such as rent, electricity and other costs.

Since the enforcement order is entered in the Credit Bureau, a foreign credit would be considered for a soft feature like an unpaid invoice. But the banks from abroad also have strict requirements. The Credit Bureau is left out, a loan is not entered despite an enforcement order. These banks do not see the Credit Bureau, but inspect the public debt register, where attachments, foreclosures, enforcement orders and bankruptcies are noted. This is also the credit line for loans from abroad.

The way out

The way out

Ultimately, there are still relatives or friends who can be asked for a loan despite an enforcement order. If you can credibly insure and prove that a loan is repaid, one or the other could agree to it. If a lender is found, a proper contract should be made that shows the loan amount, the installment amount and the terms.

If you urgently need cash, you still have the pawnshop. Anyone who has valuable things like valuable jewelry or high-priced media equipment could pawn them at the pawnshop. The items are estimated on site and the value paid out in cash. However, a deadline is set until when the things have to be picked up again. If this does not happen, they will be put up for auction and sold.

One would like to tell a loan seeker that his financial situation actually does not allow any more credit. Very few customers still have enough money to pay installments. If this were the case, the creditors would have already claimed the money. Maybe you should use this time to get your finances in order and live on the back burner. The time comes when the debts are paid. If the customer has not yet given debt advice, then he should do so now. Because this time is suitable to regulate all financial possibilities. The debt counseling staff specializes in difficult cases.

A loan with a fast payout does not have to be expensive

Fulfilling wishes made easy: If a planned purchase costs more money than you can currently raise, simply take out a loan. Favorable interest rates ensure low monthly rates, which can be reduced even further by long terms. This way you can finance larger sums at very good conditions.

Your loan with quick payouts

Your loan with quick payouts

So that you don’t have to wait long for your money, it is best to choose a loan with a fast payout. Across Lender is an expert in urgent loans. The internal processes have been intensively optimized – always with the aim in mind to keep the time between the loan application and the loan payment as short as possible.

If you want to take out a loan with a fast payout, you can basically send your request either to your house bank or online. Of course, you can also do both at the same time and then compare the offers. However, when you make an online request, you often already have a loan approval while you haven’t even got an appointment from the bank.

Fast payment for online loan applications

Fast payment for online loan applications

In such cases, it can make sense to apply for the loan directly with a fast payment via the Internet. In addition, you are often offered significantly better conditions online. So you may be able to save a lot of money with an internet loan. The quickest way to find out how high this savings is in your case is to make a credit inquiry here without any upfront costs.

Make a free request now

Make a free request now

Across Lender accepts your inquiry around the clock free of charge. You can submit your loan request, preferred term and personal data using the online form. If you want a loan with a fast payout, it is best to choose an express or express loan. Across Lender then knows that the fastest possible processing is your top priority. The staff will therefore do everything to ensure that the loan amount is transferred to your account as quickly as possible.